Storytelling Workshop

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Storytelling Workshop


This workshop is aimed at photographers or photojournalists that want to develop and/or improve their storytelling tools for photographic stories.

Maximum: 12 students


Duration: 5 Days

Throughout the workshop’s 5 days, we will do the following:

  • The selection of the story or reportage idea
  • Research of the stories
  • Logistics and contacts
  • Ethics
  • Access
  • Photo shooting
  • Archive organization system development
  • Photo editing

We will also include an introduction into ways of financing, grants and assignments.You’ll learn to take your personal vision into an editorial assignment so you would not only accomplish the assignment but also keep your personal style so those images become part of your portfolio.

A Story to Be Developed

Each photographer will choose a theme to develop during the workshop. We’ll analize the pros and cons of each story. The theme can be as diverse as the following of a person, a place or a concept:


The photographer shall seek for an indiviual with an interesting life that could be captured in images.
Examples of this would be: a taxi driver, a clown, a police officer, a salesman on a plaza, a street artist, a cematary worker, a doctor or a nurse. It is simply, a colourful, interesting character of everyday life. It is very important to choose the individual well as you ought to spend a full week with them.


The photographer shall seek a place, neighborhood, or interesting area to photograph in which he/se could walk around and have contact with the place and its people. Examples of this are markets, cematary, construction site, police station, old neighborhood, dance school, etc.


This is perhaps one of the most difficult themes to work on because it is neither a physical place or an individual, but a simple interpretation of a photographer over a concept such as: love, pain, hate, work, faith, etc.

The following documents are needed in order to book any of the workshops:

  1. Admission form fully completed
  2.  Motivational statement to do the workshop (500 words max)
  3. CV
  4. Portfolio (maximum of 20 photographs) or website link where work can be seen